A Dress & An Upcoming Wedding

BloggerNotBillionaire-0013Oh yes, THIS dress, I almost forgotten about it. In fact I actually had forgotten about this entire shoot I had done with the uber talented Maggie Bradshaw because at the time I had worn this dress to multiple events, had posted about it in conjunction with another event and I had wanted this dress to be special, I wanted this post to mean something, and now it really does.

BloggerNotBillionaire-0011I was flipping through all of the photos I had taken with Maggie yesterday because she had just agreed to photograph my upcoming wedding in early November! There is something special about being able to choose a photographer that you have already worked with and already feel comfortable with for the most important day of your life, especially when they feel like a friend. While on my wedding day I certainly will be paying less attention to photo angles and lighting than I do while blogging it is comforting to know that my photographer already knows how to take surprisingly candid, beautiful photos even in a more staged environment. Our wedding is going to be a small, intimate one so I feel blessed to be able to have my photographer and all of my other wedding helpers friends rather than strangers.

I hope you enjoy these stunning photos that Maggie took in this beautiful For Love and Lemons dress. I could not be more excited to get married surrounded by friends and family this coming November and I feel so fortunate to be able to have Maggie there to capture the entire moment. I am one lucky gal. – Rebecca

BloggerNotBillionaire-0003BloggerNotBillionaire-0005BloggerNotBillionaire-0010BloggerNotBillionaire-0004BloggerNotBillionaire-0002BloggerNotBillionaire-0008BloggerNotBillionaire-0001– For Love & Lemons Dress in white HERE (runs large)

All Photos Magge Bradshaw Photography

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  1. You look so pretty.

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