Why This Sweatshirt from P.E. Nation Needs to Be in Your Wardrobe

Why This Sweatshirt from P.E. Nation Needs to Be in Your Wardrobe- BloggerNotBillionaire.com

There is a rare occasion when a label started under  one specific clothing category successfully transitions to another. P.E. Nation, a favorite of mine (as you probably know from many recent posts) has done this so successfully that I no longer need to write posts about mixing your athleisure with your normal wardrobe, they now ARE your normal wardrobe.

In today’s look my oh so chic sweatshirt with beautiful color blocking and just a hint of subtle branding is one of the latest pieces from P.E. Nation and the styling couldn’t be more current or on trend. Athleisure may no longer be as relevant as it once was but what we have a a result of that passing trend is more casual items like sweatshirts having a solidified role in our closet. Similar to how it is styled today, this sweatshirt can easily be paired with a dressed up pant and heels and worn into an office. I loved the color blocking so much that I actually matched my entire look to the colors in the sweatshirt especially the blush pink at the cuff of the left arm.

Still on the fence about a ‘dressed up sweatshirt?’ Consider this: not only have so many designers made ‘dressed up sweatshirts’ they are even starting to get categorized as sweaters on many websites in order that they be seen when shopping for work ready clothing. There are probably only a handful of us who actively search for dressy sweatshirts for all occasions but they are a wonderfully comfortable option that is just as appropriate as your basic Jcrew V-neck sweater. Lastly, a great sweatshirt is also incredibly versatile. This P.E. Nation beauty could easily be dressed down with jeans or yes, even wore with a pair of yoga pants and it would look great. Or it could be work with a metallic skirt for a party, your choice. If the goal is to be as fashionable as possible with as little effort as possible then P.E. Nation’s latest range is exactly what you and I need. Thanks for reading-Rebecca


Photography : Katie Miyagi

Styling: Rebecca Cornelius


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  1. I am so pro “dressed up sweatshirts”! Anything that makes it acceptable for me to wear things that are, or are close to loungewear in a public setting are winners in my book!


    1. rebeccalcornelius says:

      Thanks Mackenzie!! That’s my goal as well. Thanks for reading 😉

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