Weekend Wishlist

Oftentimes I find that weekends are when I get to expand beyond just the “what’s new” sections on my favorite clothing sites and really get to dig into both the new and the old which helps me decide what I really love and what had only a newness appeal. Clearly, I have too much time on my hands. Here are a few pieces I am utterly in love with and can only hope to get my hands on some time soon.

As you can see, with the exception of the shoes and the jacket, everything I am currently dreaming of is actually reasonably priced ( I am banking on the shoes and jacket getting discounted during Zara’s Summer Sale at the end of this month.) I have heard that statement pieces are worth investing in, and I agree, however I also think that you can you can find statement pieces in unexpected patterns and color combinations on affordable pieces like the ones above. Something to think about the next time you feel like your only option is breaking the bank to get something ‘WOW’-worthy. Cheers!

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