All About the Blazer: Mint-Oreo Style

Nordstrom Blazer similar here, White Blouse Similar, Mint Trousers Similar, Shoes & Bag Zara

 Ah the Statement Jacket, in this instance, The Blazer:

A few weeks ago I did a post addressing the fact that yes, even I have to dress like in a more traditional office appropriate manner every now and again. Granted I love turning a classic look on its head and causing people to quizzically squint their brow at my outfit but every now again presenting a perfectly polished look can have an equivalent amount of impact. I may kid about the colors in this outfit but at the end of the day it is nothing but chic. So let’s start.

First, the blazer. This Trouve number was a Nordstrom find that I was drawn to by the print but it was the tuxedo lapel and tailoring that won me over. The blouse underneath from Collective Concepts played into that Tuxedo vibe with a menswear inspired cumber-bun feel when layered under the jacket. On its own the blouse is quite a fancy item however it gets dressed down with the jacket is conversely elevated. The textured trousers are relatively muted keeping the attention on the blazer and the complimentary black and blue accessories keep the focus on the jacket just as it was intended.

Not all outfits require you to think meticulously through each element yet often this happens without us even noticing it. My gut reaction to this look was to pair it with a bold statement pant such as the other day with the cobalt pants, however then the attention would be on the pants and the chic-factor would have been lessened. The cool mint not only invoke a mint oreo mentality (preferably in ice cream) but in this case less is more and the affect is oh so effortless.

Have a fabulous Tuesday, I am off to find some mint-chip ice cream.

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