Threaded Together Podcast S1 E2: The Multi-faceted Magic of Silk Organza

Photo of Alexander Mcqueen Roses dress by Sarah Burton featuring pleated silk organza. photo credit: threaded together podcast

“Threaded Together” is a podcast that stitches together home sewing and high fashion. In this episode, hosts Tracy and Rebecca explore the many uses of silk organza in both high fashion and home sewing. They discuss what silk organza is, its characteristics, and its quality, and their favorite pattern suggestions to utilize the full potential of this versatile fabric. They also share their recent sewing projects, a meeting in London, and an Alexander McQueen exhibit. Listeners will learn about seven practical uses of silk organza, including interfacing, tailoring support, and seam finishes, and get tips for working with the fabric. The hosts also highlight designs that use silk organza and recommend patterns for making a statement with this luxurious material. Follow “Threaded Together Podcast” on social media for more sewing and fashion inspiration.

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Links to more information & Resources :

More information on using Silk organza as a pressing cloth

Preferred needles

Sleeve heads:

The secret strength of silk organza

Nina Lee

Bella Loves Patterns

Interlining vs underlining

Thrifty Stitcher UK


The dressmakers handbook of couture sewing techniques -by lynda maynard

The fashion designers textile directory – the creative use of fabrics in design

Couture sewing – the couture cardigan jacket – Claire Shaeffer


Imagery references:

Margiela photos

Chanel example

Dior May dress


Episode Outline by timestamp:

– 01:20 – What sewing projects Tracy & Rebecca have been working on since the last episode

– 05:04 – What is silk organza?

– 06:38 – Introduction to the many uses of silk organza

– 06:50 – Using silk organza as a pressing cloth

– 08:15 – Silk organza for sleeve head support

– 10:05 – Silk organza for seam reinforcement

– 12:07 – Using silk organza for interlining

– 13:53 – Silk organza as interfacing

– 15:15 – Silk organza as underlining

– 16:47 – Using silk organza for seam hems and finishes

– 21:00 – Key tips for using silk organza in your home sewing

– 22:50 – How to identify silk organza in a photo, on a runway, or anywhere in the wild

– 26:20 – Pattern recommendations for silk organza

– 28:56 – Projects that Tracy & Rebecca plan on working on next


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