The Slip Dress + T-Shirt Combo: Still the Hottest Layering Trend of 2016


A favorite of the ’90s, the t-shirt under a slip dress has been a breakout start of 2016 and if the streets outside fashion week have any bearing this trend is going to continue to be a big one in 2017. So far this year, Blogger Not Billionaire has featured an evening dress over a sweatshirt (HERE) as a more avante garde way of wearing this trend showing that fundamentally the trend is about unconventional layering rather than the actual type of shirt or dress you are layering. Today however we are going full on 90s with a short slip dress and a fitted Brandy Melville t-shirt.

I loved putting this outfit together because it simply meant looking in my closet to find all of the elements. This dress from Finders Keepers is at least a few years old and had only been worn once previously due it’s slightly dressy, skinny strapped nature and summery length. The bra situation needed in order to wear the dress was also not a friendly one but with a t-shirt under it all of those problems are solved! This trend is actually an amazing way to reinvigorate dresses that only see the light of day for special events since by layering it with a t-shirt you are inherently dressing it down. Add a great pair of boots or in this case Balenciaga inspired creepers and you are ready to rock a Marc Jacobs runway from the 90s! (Ok maybe Marc by Marc and maybe not THAT grunge, but you get the idea!) As you are transitioning your closet in the next few weeks keep in mind that some of those formerly ‘summer only’ dresses may actually make great fall layering pieces with a T-shirt or some other top underneath and give them a second chance at life.


Photography : Katie Miyagi

Styling: Rebecca Cornelius


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Knockoff Balenciaga Cutout Buckle Boot - Blogger Not Billionaire  dsc_0132-2


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