Staying Chic in the Winter: The Coziest, Fluffiest most Bad Ass Faux Fur Coat EVER

Staying Chic in the Winter: The Coziest, Fluffiest most Bad Ass Faux Fur Coat EVER- BloggerNotBillionaire

It’s that magical time of the year when we are all freezing our butts off heading off to work thinking ‘How the heck do I stay warm and not look a cloud of black puffiness?’ Or we say, ‘At least my outfit underneath all of these layers is cute!’ I am 100% guilty of this especially here in Seattle where we are weather wimps and when the temperature hits the 30’s we all dress like its -20. That is, until I found this magical Topshop Polar Bear Coat.

I’ll admit when I first saw this coat on Nordstrom’s website my first thought was “OMG SO COZY” but my second was “I am going to look like a straight up marshmallow” but only the first was accurate. Yes a faux fur coat, especially a double faux shearling one like this (the inside is JUST as cozy as the outside) will add some bulk when you wear it, that is unavoidable, but the drop shoulder and the cocoon silhouette are perfect for keeping the shape flattering and chic rather than bulky and overwhelming. The trick for the fit is to make sure you can snap closed the one large front snap on this coat with a reasonable amount of layers on and not have it pull at all at the waist, then you know it fits. For me that meant sizing down 1 size (I am usually a 6 US in Topshop coats and I had to get a 4) since this particular coat does run a bit big.

So how does one wear the coziest, fluffiest, most magical furry goodness of a coat that is under $200? Why, with everything of course! I was incredibly surprised to find out just how warm this bad boy was, it actually is a great 30’ish degree weather coat and of course it looks fabulous on as well. I personally love playing into the all-white trend that is always so common in the winter but it also would be great over leather overalls, with a plaid scarf or in the summer even over cutoffs with some Timberlands (yup I am keeping this one out through summer, just watch me 🙂 ) My one word of warning is that when you wear this coat people have an inexplicable urge to ‘pet’ you which is slightly strange but also a testimate to how incredibly cozy this coat is. Either way it is absolutely worth it. Thanks for reading-Rebecca


Photography : Russell Thayer

Styling: Rebecca Cornelius

  • Topshop Coat: Fuzzy Goodness HERE
  • (NOTE: this does run slightly oversized so I recommend sizing down 1 size. I usually take a 6 in Topshop Coats and in this one I took a 4. A 2 was too small though so don’t size down too much 🙂 )
  • Turtleneck Sweater: H&M similar HERE and HERE
  • Wide Leg Trousers: Zara (old) similar HERE

Topshop Polar Bear Faux Fur Coat- BloggerNotBillionaire

Winter White- Topshop Polar Bear Coat-

THE Topshop Polar Bear Coat- BloggerNotBillionaire











  1. I looooooove this coat! So Dr Zhivago! So Snow Queen… I want it. I don’t know why I can’t find this in London, which is like Topshop Global HQ.

    You look fabulous in this. Stay warm.. and chic! xx

  2. This winter whites look is SO damn chic babe!
    Abby @clothesandpizza

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