Urban Street Style: Revisiting One of 2016’s Biggest Trends

Vetements Hoodie and Neon Fur- BloggerNotBillionaire

There is no denying that 2016 has been the year of urban street style, more specifically it has been the year of Vetements coming of age and changing the way we think about fashion. While urban style may not have been the only major trend of the year (looking at your Gucci) it certainly has been the most disruptive.

Only in France could a fashion house that would seemingly be so counterculture influence the mainstream and change the landscape of fashion. Hoodies that retailed for almost a thousand dollars and above became the hottest things on celebrities (sans pants) and diehard fashionistas (with pants.) So welcome was this sweeping fashion change that the designer Demna Gvasalia, was given the coveted Balenciaga helm as well from which to guide us into the new wave of fashion.

The reach of this cult movement can be seen also in the popularity of other ‘street labels’ from the high end Off-White to the mainstream-ish? like Kanye’s concert apparel. What makes it so impactful to me is while it may be cost a fortune to own (hence the knockoffs) a lot of the Vetements clothing is actually quite wearable for the average person. In fact Vetements is so focused on the ‘average person’ that they even used non-models in their runway shows (albeit thin ones) to challenge the notion of what a model should be.

If it isn’t clear already the urban street trend has become a favorite of mine this year and while it may be evolving as we move into 2017 (many less hoodies on the Vetements spring runway) the theme of challenging the norm is everpresent and continuing to gain steam.  Lastly, if the ‘You F***ing Asshole’ Vetements hoodie photoshopped on Hilary shaking Trump’s hand didn’t let you that this was a brand for our generation, well, now you know. Thanks for reading as always. -Rebecca


Photography : Katie Miyagi

Styling: Rebecca Cornelius

  • Vetements Knockoff Sweatshirt: HERE
  • Fur Coat: Zara (old) another fun mint star one  HERE
  • Jeans: Ragged Priest ‘Lucky Cat’ HERE
  • Non-Functional Aviators: HERE

Vetements & Ragged Priest Lucky Cat Jeans- BloggerNotBillionairedsc_0415








  1. This look has *S*W*A*G* for sure! You wear it so well! Loving the denim!

  2. Love everything about this look; the jeans and the faux fur were meant to be together! xx

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