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Boyish Stripes and Lace-up Flats

  • – Brandy Melville Striped T-shirt HERE
  • – Topshop Kingdom Ghillie Flats HERE and HERE
  • – Trousers Zara (New Season) Similar HERE and HERE
  • – Shades by Karen Walker HERE

Le Garcon, the boy. When I found this particular pair of baggy white trousers at Zara I instantly fell in love with their low-slung, easy boyish vibe, something I feel like I embrace too often. They reminded me of the Chanel stories where Coco would steal mens’ clothing and sailor outfits and tailor them to fit her feminine figure. Who can resist a Chanel inspired moment? Not I. Was I possibly dreaming of Audrey Tatou’s Chanel and envisioning myself as her? Perhaps. All I can confirm is that a striped shirt was needed to round out the look and that a gorgeous pair of Topshop flats crept in as well.

Boyish Stripes and Lace-up FlatsWe must talk about the Kingdom Ghillie Lace-Up flats for a moment because they are in fact the ‘shoe of the moment’ and I too felt like I needed them in my wardrobe. As someone who solidly prefers heels, both for their aesthetic look and rear-end lifting capabilities, the lack of any sort of heel or wedge or lift in these shoes was pretty shocking to my constantly lifted feet. Also surprising was how comfortable, well fitting and downright gorgeous these shoes are. An almost perfect Aquazzura knockoff, these Topshop beauties got every detail right from the flattering fit to the golden metal ends of the ties that embrace your ankle to the distribution of the ties throughout the shoe. If there is a shoe that you must purchase now before they sell out (and yes I mean sell out) I highly recommend these under $100 beauties and perhaps you should look at acquiring more than one color as this lace-up trend is just getting stared.

Thank you so much for reading! Which color of the Kingdom flat is your favorite? Shop them all at the bottom of the post. Cheers! – Rebecca

Topshop kingdom Ghillie pointed shoesBoyish Stripes and Lace-up FlatsDSC_0619Boyish Stripes and Lace-up FlatsBoyish Stripes and Lace-up FlatsDSC_0637DSC_0484Topshop kingdom Ghillie pointed shoesBoyish Stripes and Lace-up FlatsBoyish Stripes and Lace-up FlatsBoyish Stripes and Lace-up FlatsBoyish Stripes and Lace-up Flats


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