Inspired By Devil Wears Prada

BloggerNotBillionaire Seattle Fashion BloggerI love traveling, as I am sure we all do, but one thing that really inspires me is seeing the different fashion trends in different cities. On my recent trip to Vancouver I loved comparing what I was expecting to be the street style (from looking at Fashion Bloggers etc.) with the reality of what people wear. Let’s face it, a lot of us are risk takers and a bit more out there when it comes to style than the average person. While most Seattleites opt for darker colors I am more likely to be shouting “pass the fushia” and sticking out like a sore thumb.

So while Fashion Bloggers may not be the best examples of the every day style of a city I think that you can see commonalities amongst us that do reveal a lot about a city. For example in Vancouver Aritzia is a huge presence and their minimal dressed up chic is definitely pervasive there. Vancouver also has a huge tourist population at any given time which means the style, culture and language diversity always keeps you on your toes. In today’s look I opted for a replica of a Devil’ Wears Prada look in keeping with the ‘inspiration matches the city’ theme meaning the style in the movie, while a bit more extreme than NY on a daily basis, reveals something about the trends and the people living there.

I hope you all feel inspired and have a fantastic week. Thanks for reading! For more coverage of my Vancouver trip follow me on Instagram. -Rebecca

DSC_0096 (2) Red Zara HandbagBloggerNotBillionaire Seattle Fashion BloggerRed Zara HandbagDSC_0139 (2)BloggerNotBillionaire Seattle Fashion BloggerBloggerNotBillionaire Seattle Fashion BloggerRed Zara Handbag

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