How to Dress to Improve Your Mood When the Weather is Gloomy

IMG_1909It has been 5 straight days and you haven’t seen the sun. It finally stopped raining but that vitamin D is majorly lacking. Welcome to Seattle. The weather can have such a huge impact on your mood and honestly how you feel about your self as you put on black rain parka followed by gray wool coat day after day to brave the weather. I am often guilty of falling into this habit but it doesn’t have to be that way!! Your clothing can actually lift your spirits, brighten up your day and lessen the impact of those gray clouds on your mood. Here’s how…

IMG_2015COLOR!!! Bright colors remind us of warmer seasons and instantly life your mood and make getting dressed more fun. The trick here isn’t just to own a colorful blouse or pants but in the winter having colorful outerwear becomes much more important. You don’t need ten jackets but if your one go to rain jacket is black and you wear it every day you are going to feel gloomy when you put it on to leave the house. Contrast that with if you had a bright red, blue or green rain coat and the fun you will have wearing that out the door and thumbing your nose at the weather (not to mention it makes you more visible when you are walking around which is great if you are a walking commuter like me.)IMG_1950Colorful outerwear shouldn’t be restricted to rainwear either. Don’t be another person huddled up under their coat looking like a walking stick of charcoal. There are plenty of great cold weather outerwear options that include fun color ways. If you are still struggling take a cue from my book and start layering outerwear of different colors for even more of a pop. This doesn’t mean try to look like the Michelin Man but if you happen to have a broader coat you could wear over a slimmer jacket or like in this instance a cape that would nicely fit over a long coat make the bold choice and reach for both. That way you can be warm, fashionable and showing your bright sunny disposition.IMG_2076IMG_2021It may seem silly to think that a little bit of color can change your mood but I challenge you to try it and see how you feel. The next time you are in a crowd of people in dismal weather take a look around and see if people’s outerwear is reflecting the gloom around them or if they are bucking the no-color winter trend do they seem happier? Less affected by the season? I would put forward that they do, but we all must draw our own conclusion so start observing and report back! Let me know in the comments below, are you on board with color in the winter?

Thanks so much for reading now go forth and tell the weather where they can stick it. -Cheers! -RebeccaIMG_2047 IMG_2073 -Milly Cape HERE similar HERE
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