Banker Stripes & Tribal Earrings

Banker stripes and tribal earrings are two major trends that rose to popularity in 2017 and show no sign of going away. They both have a distinct personality in their own right: the reworked stripe shirt is preppy yet undone, the tribal trend is fun and flirty and ready for a vacation. Separately they are great to wear but the REAL magic is when you pair them together.

They are a perfect foil for each other. Two very different vibes that together make each other a better statement. The addition of a flirty earring to a striped shirt makes it less stuffy and the shirt conversely makes the earrings a bit more acceptable for everyday. They also are an unexpected combination which makes them even more fun and perfect for each other.

To keep it from looking too much like one trend over the other anchor the look with a great pair of wide leg jeans and a statement pair of shoes. I love these green No21 heels because they compliment the pop of color in the earrings so well.

Striped Top (similar HERE) | Earrings (on SALE! HERE) | Zara Jeans (similar HERE) | No.21 Heels (in velvet HERE)

Photography: Russell Thayer




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