Cardigan Nordstrom (old)// Tildon Blouse here // Faux Leather Dolphin Shorts here (also in white, RAD!) // Shoes/Necklace old F21
Most of the time I think we tend to think that our style is defined by amazing, wow looks that are consistent with our personal aesthetic yet make a statement. As a blogger I feel this is emphasized even more: shock, amaze, wear something that pushes the envelope even further: yet at the end of the day that isn’t how we dress on a daily basis. 
A challenge we all face is finding ‘what works’ when we don’t feel like trying or like making a major statement. For me, I know that I love an all black outfit with a punch. That usually means black top, black bottoms, black shoes and a killer jacket. In this case that jacket was a feathery cardigan, but the idea was/is the same. Sometimes this outfit has jeans and a threadbare tank (all in black) or in some cases its a faux leather short with a silk t-shirt. 
 Mastering a staple look that you can translate to all situations (leather trousers and a silk top for a dressy evening) is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and your wardrobe. It doesn’t always have to be about the ‘wow’ sometimes you can just look good. I highly suggest figuring out what that staple look is for you but if you are having difficulty, black with a punch is always a good place to start. :-). Happy Monday, have a fabulous week! Cheers!