A Different Kind of Fall Vibe: H&M Studios + Sneakers


  • – Vest H&M Studios HERE and jacket version HERE
  • – Draped Dress Zara
  • – Adidas Top Ten Sneakers HERE

The 70’s are in, fringe, flares and boots are filling up our wardrobe yet every now and again I personally like to mix it up a bit and remember style isn’t always about following trends. H&M’s latest Studio collection, the collection in the Spring they showed on their runway, had a few slight nods to the 70’s yet the theme was futuristic and focused on ‘space’ which was very refreshing to see.

H&M Studio Mohair VestWhile space themed clothing may absolutely be something I can get on board with, the oversized vest within the range seemed like something I should have already owned so it joined my permanent collection. What I love about this vest is how easily it pairs with skinny jeans and boots as it does with an asymmetrical dress and high tops. H&M Studio Mohair VestSneakers once were a trend for the more street wise of fashionistas but we can firmly say in recent years they have become a wardrobe staple to be worn with practically anything. I personally love the juxtaposition of a great pair of sneakers with a dress although I try to avoid too preppy of a look because it just isn’t my particular style. These Adidas Top Ten kicks were my Fall answer to the Adidas slides I seem to wear all summer; they are the perfect throw on to wear anywhere shoe. My only problem now seems to be how to keep wearing them to work without being to casual but today’s outfit is a perfect example of how to make these kicks work appropriate (if you have a more informal office like mine.)

Thanks for reading! How do you feel about sneakers with dresses? Let me know in the comments below. Cheers! – Rebecca

H&M Studio Mohair VestAdidas Top 10 Sneakers Women BloggerH&M Studio Mohair VestH&M Studio Mohair Vest

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