What to Wear When September Feels Like Summer

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In recent memory there hasn’t been a September quite so lovely as the one we are having currently here in Seattle. The sun is shining and when you are fully in that lovely warmth it is toasty out, however the shade is a different story. This unfortunately presents a bit of a sartorial challenge as you can’t fully embrace fall: fully-clothed boots, jacket and scarf, but it also isn’t warm enough to go without all three of these. Enter the long, dressy short.

In the summer I did a post about the long short and how fantastic it was for work-wear in the heat. Now I am finding that this short style is also a great transition piece in this weather we are so unaccustomed to. The philosophy is build the full fall outfit, ankle boots, coat etc, and then swap out one article for a more weather friendly piece: such as swapping trousers or jeans for a long short. Regardless of the confusing impact on how we go about dressing ourselves in the chilly mornings for a day that will hit the high 70s: I certainly am not complaining and hope you all are enjoying the sun’s extended visit as much as I am.

Happy Monday! Cheers!

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