The Leather Trouser: Always in Style


Occasionally puppies sneak into photo shoots… he’s just too cute to say no to and clearly he wanted his picture taken.

Thinking back, I can’t seem to remember a time when some form of leather trouser wasn’t in vogue. In the 70s it was true leather, rocker style trouser that perhaps laced up, in the 80s it was your jogger, 90s grunge returned to the rocker years, the 00’s introduced the love of faux leather, ‘wet look’ coated clothing to imitate leather and all kinds of shapes and styles. From biker to flared boho leather trousers are still going strong today and should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe giving an edge to any look. That doesn’t mean you necessarily need to squeeze yourself into a skin tight leather legging (although those can be quite the standout item.) I personally love a slouchy ‘boyfriend’ or jogger like leather trouser as you can see by today’s look as well as in previous posts found here, here and here, just to name a few.I recently asked myself when looking at this army green pair of oversized leather boyfriend trousers if I really needed another pair… and then I of course answered that I did because pieces that you love and repeat entirely too often are exactly what you should get another version of if only to spread out the love. In fact, I have already had to replace my original pair of leather boyfriend trousers with the fabulous Blank NYC pair I wear so often due to overuse and my older pair falling apart.The moral of the story is every woman needs at LEAST one pair of leather or faux leather trousers in her life that feel like pajamas but look like a million dollars. Why? Because sweat pants aren’t sweat pants when they are leather. Have a fabulous Thursday and a wonderful rest of your week.Cheers! -Rebecca 


  1. Love your outfit! This is so well put together… Casual but oh so chic at the same time!!

    There is a fun giveaway on my blog and I would love it if you would check it out! 🙂

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

    1. Thank you Kelly-Louise! I will be sure to check it out. I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Love the leather pants and the shoes!

    1. rebeccalcornelius says:

      Thanks lady! Comfy chic 😛

  3. m says:

    Very beautiful pants

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