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December Outfit Challenge: the First of Many

In late November and I stumbled across an ‘Instagram Outfit challenge’ for the first time. It was a straight forward concept of dressing to a theme for an entire week and this particular one was the ‘Rainbow Challenge’ and I enjoyed the monochromatic color scheme but what surprised me much more was how nice it […]

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How we shipped our American Porsche 993 C4S to Germany
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How We Shipped Our America Porsche to Germany

Ever wondered how to ship a car internationally when you move? We shipped our American Porsche 911 993 C4S Wide Body to Germany and here’s how.

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Two Ways to Wear a Mint Trench Dress from Tibi

A recent trend on Instagram I have been loving is ‘7 Ways to Wear’ started by @slipintostyle encouraging each of us to find 7 ways you think you can wear an item before purchasing. I may not always know of 7, but for this mint trench dress, I have several already in mind and I […]

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