Ode to the Perfect Wear to (Insert Wedding Activity Here) Dress

what to wear to a wedding

Red halter maxi dress
Red halter maxi dress
turqoise statement necklace
red dress to wear to a wedding
alexander wang braided sandals
Olympic sculpture park Seattle
what to wear to a wedding
Dress Tobi (here), Shoes Alexander Wang, Necklace Zara similar (here)

 Wedding Season. Labor Day tends to mark the pinnacle of wedding season as everyone rushes to proclaim their love before the seasons change. I am all for love and marriage and happiness (yay) but I must admit there is a dread that comes over me every time the season approached, the fear of what to wear to ALL THOSE EVENTS! I am not naive and know that I am not the only woman dealing with this difficulty throughout the season, one of my dear friends I dare say hasn’t spent a day of a weekend at home sans a Wedding Event in months and has had a smashing dress for each one of thus. For those of us less seasoned in the art of Wedding Dressing sometimes a great stand-by is all you need.

The criteria for a great event dress often differ from what I would normally consider when purchasing an amazing piece because you want to re-use this one multiple times within the season. That translates into a dress that can’t be too memorable, like this one. In this outfit I let the necklace and accessories really make this dress something special, but the simplicity of the dress would allow it to look completely different with a jacket or different accessories. The perfect canvas is what you are looking for: a solid color with a great shape that can be translated in many different ways.

This particular dress from Tobi.com (a site that has 50% sales as frequently as the moon is full) is a heavier cotton that despite my sweat drenched body in the photo shoot (it was HOT) does not cling, nor reveal your perspiration. Instead it drapes heavily to the floor leaving your shape complemented and flattered; your bumps and lumps hidden and your complexion radiant. A bold color always goes a long way and that combined with a statement accessory that provides accent and contrast and you are set to go. Tobi is infamous for inexpensive dresses although a word of caution: they often run a tad short so check those measurements! Or just do what I did and get a fabulous maxi that you can tie up in the heat and wear dressed up or down to virtually every occasion.

Cheers to a great long weekend and Happy Tuesday (that feels like Monday…)

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