FLASH TATTOOS: You Know They’re A Trend When….

flash tattoo military jumpsuit

flash tattoo military jumpsuitflash tattoo

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military green jumpsuit
olympic sculpture park seattle
military green jumpsuit
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 Leavenworth: a little tiny Bavarian themed town just over the mountains, that’s where I realized Flash Tattoos were REALLY a trend. But first, the back story.

Flash tattoos are essentially the same type of tattoos you put on with water throughout junior high that scrubbed off in the shower, only in metallic colors, more intriguing designs and much better quality.  They are intended to look like jewelry, henna, tribal designs, etc making you look like a goddess in your bathing suit without trying to hard. Culturally we have an obsession with body art and decoration, Flash Tattoos allow you to participate in that tradition without engaging in too much commitment.

When did I realize it had truly become a trend? The first time I saw Flash Tattoos (that is actually the brand name FYI) they were actually on Forever21’s website in March and I briefly entertained the idea of purchasing them but they promptly sold out. Fast forward 5 months to shopping on Moorea Seal’s website when low and behold there they were! I happened to have a pending bachelorette weekend in a warm weather local where skin was to be bared thus the perfect storm ensued. Pre-bachelorette weekend I was a little too indulgent with my inner 13-year old self but ended up with a hand covered in henna-like Flash Tattoos that blended in perfectly with my watch and bracelet. My fellow attendees commented on my faux bling but these were fashion forward Seattleites so I took it in stride and figured it was just another fad. Then, at the laffy taffy counter in a tiny Bavarian mall an older woman (older being the other side of 70) commented on my Flash and asked where she could get some. I was stunned, flattered and realized in that instant that this temporary jewelry/body art craze is only going to grow because everyone love them, even 70 year old women. So start stacking your Flash with your bling because very soon everyone will be doing it and we all like being the early adopter, plus, we can all pretend we are thirteen again only this time with tattoos that are even more shiny! And sophisticated, we can’t forget that.


*Note: (creeper photo cred goes to my friend Kelly. I liked the photo so the photo-bomb stayed.:-) )

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