Mad For Plaid

SheInside Plaid Shirt, Zara Trousers similar here, Forever21 Statement Necklace, Zara Pony Hair Boots similar Here

Something strange is happening in Seattle: it is STILL WARM! In fact, its borderline hot out reaching 70 degrees some days. My confusion aside, I still want to dress for fall even if it doesn’t feel like it, so cue the plaid. Plaid shirts are quite possibly the most quintessential fall item that doesn’t require the actual seasons to change (unlike scarves, high boots etc.) I am a firm believer that everyone needs a great plaid shirt, perhaps even two if you choose to opt for flannel on occasion.

This is my favorite plaid shirt from SheInside that looks just like a Zara blouse from last year… (refraining from commenting on that fact) but it is by far the perfect shirt to dress up or down, button or leave open and goes with basically everything. If you don’t have a killer plaid shirt I highly suggest checking out the link above, I ordered a small in case you are wondering and it’s only 23.50.. need I say more? And no one sponsored this post, I just love this darn shirt. Happy Monday! Get inspired with similar items below. Cheers! -Rebecca

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  1. Cup holder? Photo shoot prop? Vehicle? I like it. Well done, seester.

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