Finding Balance Between Blogging and Your Personal Life

DSC_0915My Blog is a huge part of my life but I try very hard to keep my personal life and my blog separate just like anyone would do their personal life and their work. Unfortunately the nature of having a blog, working in your free time, documenting your activities and outfits, makes that line of separation blurry if not non-existent. So today I would like to talk about my top 4 tips for maintaining a balance between your Blog and your personal life so that your friends and loved ones aren’t irritated by your blogging and you  can still get the work you need accomplished.

Pikes Place Flowers BloggerNotBillionaireHere are my 4 tips for keeping that crucial balance between Blogging and your personal life.

1.BLOCK OUT TIME TO BLOG. It is so easy to go about your life and not properly dedicate the time you need for your blog. Often the people around you don’t realize that your blog requires as much time and effort that it does and they won’t understand canceling or postponing plans because you need to ‘work on your blog.’ I avoid this by scheduling dedicated time for my blog and then building the rest of my plans around this. That way I don’t compromise my much needed work time and I don’t confuse or upset the people I care about.
2. IF AN OPPORTUNITY ARISES THAT YOU CAN’T PASS UP TAKE IT AND THEN PROMPTLY MOVE ON. We have all had this happen: You are out and about and stumble across that ‘This would be perfect to blog about!’ moment. My solution is let whoever you are with know, quickly do what you need to do and then move on. While your life may revolve around your blog your friends’ lives don’t so make sure you respect that when you need to interrupt their time to catch a perfect blog moment.
3. BECOME FRIENDS WITH OTHER BLOGGERS. We all want to talk about our blog, our challenges and successes and no one will be better to commiserate with and understand your experiences than another blogger. Your friends will listen, absolutely, but they won’t fully understand so rather than boring them to death with your struggles curating your Instagram feed save that for you Blogger friends who will not only empathize but maybe will have some constructive feedback as well.
4. BE YOURSELF. I think too often we strive to be perfect as Bloggers; to portray ourselves in some unattainable elite way when really we are just regular people sharing our love for fashion, style etc. For me that pressure to be successful, to look like a model and have a completely aspirational life and closet can make me feel insecure and question if simply being myself on my blog is enough. This can trickle into our personal lives as well creating doubt and self-confidence issues where we unfairly compare reality to our idea of an ‘ideal blogger life.’ So we need to kick that thought in the butt and remember that our readers are real people too and they are following us for a reason. Not because we are perfect or have unlimited wealth and handbags but because we have a unique perspective on our chosen topic and they choose to be a part of our world. So be grateful and be true to yourself and never deviate from what makes you your most unique self.
Thanks so much for reading! What is your biggest challenge as a blogger? Let me know in the comments below.

Cheers! -Rebecca

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  1. This is so inspiring! As a blogger in about my 4th month (?) it’s been so hard to “keep up” and seriously sometimes it just seems like i’m CONSTANTLY blogging about EVERYTHING. My challenge is really to keep them separate because you shouldn’t live to blog but blog to live. Thanks for this awesome post! ~ Crystal

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