It may just be a casual Sunday but everyone deserves a glamorous Audrey Hepburn moment every now and again. Something about this oversized 60’s cut pink coat so thoroughly reminded my of the often pixie cut film star that I simply had to do something that felt very Breakfast at Tiffany’s glamorous: aka something mundate yet oh so fabulous. Cue Chester my 4 month old siberian husky needing a walk in the park and I had my moment.

Now I must put forth a word of caution: High heels and puppies who haven’t quite mastered walking on a leash without pulling can be a dangerous combination so proceed at your own risk. However if you don’t mind a bit of hilarity and looking slightly ridiculous (while feeling fabulous of course) it is a fun way to turn an everyday outing into an extra special one. Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for reading. -Rebecca

ASOS Oversized Peacoat, Topshop Boyfriend Jeans, Volcom Ripped T-shirt, Zara Heels, Badgley Mischka Handbag