Fancy Park Day with Chester

It may just be a casual Sunday but everyone deserves a glamorous Audrey Hepburn moment every now and again. Something about this oversized 60’s cut pink coat so thoroughly reminded my of the often pixie cut film star that I simply had to do something that felt very Breakfast at Tiffany’s glamorous: aka something mundate yet oh so fabulous. Cue Chester my 4 month old siberian husky needing a walk in the park and I had my moment.

Now I must put forth a word of caution: High heels and puppies who haven’t quite mastered walking on a leash without pulling can be a dangerous combination so proceed at your own risk. However if you don’t mind a bit of hilarity and looking slightly ridiculous (while feeling fabulous of course) it is a fun way to turn an everyday outing into an extra special one. Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for reading. -Rebecca

ASOS Oversized Peacoat, Topshop Boyfriend Jeans, Volcom Ripped T-shirt, Zara Heels, Badgley Mischka Handbag

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  1. Oh yikes! I am sorry about that. Thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting! My philosophy is simply to start writing, be consistent about posting and you will naturally start to evolve and turn into a better blogger purely by experience. I hope that helps!

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