Blue Walls, Red Pants


When we talk about evolving style, something very much on my mind lately, it reminds me of new ways to look at familiar trends and items. Take today’s look, full of familiar items (although the Zara sweatshirt is a new acquisition) doesn’t feel like a huge departure from the norm. The shapes the elements are all familiar as are the elements, however the method with which they are combined is always different. A complete 180 isn’t required to define or redefine one’s style. Instead, finding new ways to wear familiar items is not only more challenging but also more rewarding. This has been my takeaway lately as I revisit my own closet for inspiration, embracing new trends without needing all new items. Have a fabulous Wednesday and check out the newest fashion social media site below that you need to be a member of. Cheers! -Rebecca

White Leather Jacket similar, Zara Sweatshirt, Chelsea28 Trouser, Badgley Mischka Bag, Crap Eyewear Sunglasses

Looking for more inspiring fashion?

Glamhive is a local Seattle company (obviously close to my heart) that is all about democratizing fashion. They accomplish this through an outfit-post driven site that anyone can post on, shop through and get rewarded in the process. As a blogger I have loved getting in on the ground floor sharing my looks and in turn getting inspired as the community continues to grow. Check it out by following the link HERE and don’t forget to find me on Glamhive at BloggerNotBillionaire.



    1. Thank you Sabina B! They are definitely a favorite pair.

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