COLOR! Mixing Up Your Usual Palette

I recently read on article on Who What Wear about unexpected color combinations you should try to ‘mix up your wardrobe.’ I recently discovered a newer combination that I enjoy, a rich burgundy combined with a bright blue, but to call these combinations new would be naive. Instead the colors we see gaining in popularity tend to be from a palette that mirrors the 70’s trend that is in full force right now. That means rich, jewel tone colors paired strongly together in a way that we haven’t seen in a while. The other prevailing color trend would be minimal neutrals so this colorful approach is a stark contrast.

While the blue and red combination is a newer favorite of mine I have been mixing the 70’s vibe color for some time now taking cues from multi-colored items such as today’s scarf. When you have a piece that already successfully combines the colors you are interested in it is very easy to just mimic its scheme. A great backdrop that plays into your palette can also spruce up a photo but unfortunately color coordinated backdrops don’t follow us through life. Have a wonderful Monday and get details from today’s look below.

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Shop the items inspired by today’s look below:

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