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  • Mad For Plaid

    Mad For Plaid

    SheInside Plaid Shirt, Zara Trousers similar here, Forever21 Statement Necklace, Zara Pony Hair Boots similar Here Something strange is happening in Seattle: it is STILL WARM! In fact, its borderline hot out reaching 70 degrees some days. My confusion aside, I still want to dress for fall even if it doesn’t feel like it, so […]


  • the PERFECT Plaid SHIRT… is so hard to find

    the PERFECT Plaid SHIRT… is so hard to find

    The perfect plaid shirt… How many times have you stared at your boyfriend/sister/friend’s closet at a plaid shirt that they have and have just thought ‘how perfect.’ Well, I happen to have boyfriend and a sister with a penchant for plaid, red and black to be specific and I always wondered ‘why can’t I be […]