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  • The Romper: No Outfit Required

    The Romper: No Outfit Required

    Romper Forever21 similar here and here, Shoes Zara (old), Earrings ASOS, Bag Nordstrom romp·er ˈrämpər,ˈrôm-/ noun noun: romper suit; plural noun: romper suits; noun: romper; plural noun: rompers A young child’s one-piece outer garment. A person who romps.  Hmmm… I think it’s safe to say, rompers aren’t just for the preschoolers anymore. Adults everywhere from […]


  • Blue Suede Boots

    Blue Suede Boots

    If you ever happen to stumble upon Blue Suede Ankle Boots you should probably buy them. If they are remotely comfortable and inexpensive then you should definitely buy them. Such was the case with these particular Zara booties procured last year during their summer sale (coming soon!) Like most people my original inclination when I […]