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  • Mint: Still the Hottest Color Around

    Mint: Still the Hottest Color Around

    Pants Zara Sale Here, Denim Shirt Here, Necklace Forever21, Backpack Aimee Kestenberg, Sunglasses Forever21, Shoes Zara (old) Mint, not just for your Julip anymore. Like the ice cream and our favorite breath freshener, mint has been around for over 2 years and doesn’t seem to be loosing any steam as one of the hottest colors […]


  • The Wild West

    The Wild West

    Hat Zara (on sale in stores), Top Zara ITS ON SALE GO BUY IT!!! It’s fantastic!!, Shorts Forever21-same short different color here I also love this pair and this pair, Backpack Aimee Kestenberg, Shoes Nordstrom Old Don’t worry, I already know: you are sick of the Tribal + (insert contrasting idea here) theme. Yet nothing else […]


  • The Go-To Outfit

    The Go-To Outfit

    Aritzia Jacket (ancient), Hoodie Brandy Melville, Jeans Zara similar here, Handbag Aimee Kestenberg, Sunglasses Ray-Ban We all have them, those few favorite pieces that we love, wear when we are feeling sick, traveling, don’t know what to wear, just want to feel cozy etc.  You are looking at mine and it has actually become an […]


  • Tribal Romper Monday

    Tribal Romper Monday

    Happy Monday! Due to some unusually warm weather last week I explored exactly how I could wear shorts to work and not feel a) self-conscious and b) overexposed. The answer? A romper of course, and some oversized layers to balance it out. One last note, passing the middle-school finger length test on your shorts also […]


  • Casual Thursday

    Casual Thursday

    Happy casual Thursday because I just couldn’t wait until Friday. I did however find myself a rather snazzy pair of pony-hair Steve Madden slip-on sneakers so all of a sudden casual doesn’t seem quite so boring. My new favorite Aimee Kestenberg handbag/backpack made an appearance, brightened up my outfit and making all the school children […]