The Talia Sweater (knock-off)

They say the mark of a trend is seeing people sporting the same item/look with pride versus with disdain and horror at their lack of originality. Unless you have been completely avoiding the fashion world you know that the Rag & Bone Talia sweater is one of those pieces that trancends our tendancy to avoid conformity. In this beauty you will be taking instagraming pictures with a fellow cohort wearing it versus avoiding them across the room.

Varsity Sweater Forever21, Assymetrical Skort Forever21, Boots Zara old
My personal measure of how great an item is can be measured by 1) how quickly/well/frequently it is knocked-off and 2) how quickly said knock-offs sold out. Unfortunately I missed the Truehitt Nasty Gal version which looked fantastic, but lucky for me EVERYONE is doing a Talia. In fact, I even missed the Forever21 first round of Talia knock-offs only to frantically purchase the second and more oversize version. In case you haven’t figured it out until now mine IS a knock-off and I couldn’t be happier with it. Try to snag it if you can as it surely won’t be around long. Cheers! 

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  1. Absolutely loving that sweater! Perfection!

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