The Modern Bouffant, Hint: It has Feathers

River Island: Purchase here

River Island. *I will get to the headdress in a second don’t worry.* If you haven’t checked them out as a retailer yet you probably should. Something like Topshop’s more designer knock-off focused slightly dressier cool cousin, not only are their accessories to die for, but sometimes you come across things like, well, a feather mohawk.

I highly doubt I have to give you the history of the bouffant, or the beehive (see description of the difference here) but us modern, 21st century women tend to not put that much effort into our hair. We are the generation of ‘bed head,’ the ‘disheveled’ look, etc. Kate moss is our muse with her natural flowing hair although occasionally we throw a curl in. However sleeping with curlers on our heads only to coat our hair in hairspray until it morphs into a hair-helmet? Not really our style. Enter the feather hawk.

Seriously. Who doesn’t want to look like a perfectly ruffled pigeon/parrot/dove curled up on our head and took a nap? Can you say all the volume without any of the effort?! I personally would oft for a more neutral palette to complement my brown hair but who says you can’t add a rainbow for special occasions or go white for an especially white-swan-eque moment. I say go for it. And when you buy one, perhaps by two and send me one, so that I fully introduce the world to this novelty that they have yet to learn that they need. (If they are birds they have to be water-proof right?)

Musings on a Friday eve, cheers everyone!

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