Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Editorial Outfits

London Volume 1: Shoreditch, Banksy and a Denim Boilersuit

Oh London! How I adore you! In this first edition of reviewing my London travels I wanted to talk about Shoreditch, a hip part of East London that is oozing with style. We only had the privilege of spending an afternoon here but I am sure I could have spend an entire week there. First, […]

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Dying My Hair Platinum Blonde & Vinyl Pants

Jacket Isabel Marant | Topshop Vinyl Pants (and HERE) | Gucci T-Shirt I have always been a proponent of taking risks when it comes to personal style and your wardrobe. Unless a trend just isn’t my style there are very few things I won’t try. I have been wanting to try an all over blonde […]

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