How to Dress Like a French Fashion Blogger

 Surprise I am French! Oui Oui!… Okay I am not French I am 100% American however who doesn’t daydream every time they see Charlotte Gainsbourg, Emmanuelle Alt or watch an Audrey Hepburn movie that they were at least a little bit French? France is clearly romanticized in film and has been for some time (Ah Paris…) but no one can question the fashion chops of these French citizens. The ‘French Cool Girl’ look has become a thing, an effortless, impossible to pull of disheveled elegance that makes everyone else look like they are trying to hard.

You get the point, I too wish I had that vibe and may or may not be trying to emulate these Parisians with my grown out bangs and often messy, undone brown hair. *side note: I love that there are so many brunettes that seem to be French as well.* In my quest to embrace my francophilia I stumbled on a French blogging couple the female counterpart of which had a chunky white turtleneck scrunched into a pair of black overalls. Voila, I had my french outfit du jour. What I have learned regarding dressing like the French and French bloggers in particular as they do the unexpected, casually, effortlessly and then own whatever the result may be *such as a bunchy sweater tucked into your trousers.* I promise you, no one is looking at the lumps under her overalls, instead all they think of is “I may not be able to see her eyes behind that hair but wow is she chic!” So be a Francophile for the day and mess up your hair, add an unexpected lack of tailoring to part of your outfit such as a threadbare t-shirt under a blazer and watch the French inspired chic unfold. If you have other ideas as to how better to embody the French aesthetic feel free to share below! Happy Friday all! See outfit details below. 

Turtleneck Sweater Zara similar here and here, Overalls Tobi similar here, Lipstick MAC Rebel, Boots Sam Edelman Zoe Boot
Shop items inspired by today’s French post below. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. love the sweater and the clutch, such a nice look!

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