Prada 0 PR 09 QS Sunglasses KnockoffsSo many of us (myself included) are always on the hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses. At the same time sunglasses can be some of the biggest trend items of the season coming in iconic shapes and styles seen on streetstyle stars and celebrities alike. One of my favorite things to do is to fall in love with one of these standout styles and then find a perfect duplicate that costs me a fraction of the price. So here, ladies and gentleman, are the perfect Prada 0 PR 09 QS knockoffs for under $20. 

Prada 0 PR 09 QS KnockoffsAfter being so successful finding my first on point knockoff for the Dior So Real (article HERE) I knew that couldn’t be the only well imitated pair of sunglasses out there so when I fell in love with these Prada stunners I went on the hunt. Now remember a knockoff is never going to have the quality of materials as the original but if the style is close enough you can still fool even the most savvy of fashionistas. I was pleasantly surprised when I received both the black and cream pair of 0 PR 09 QS sunnies, the shape was slightly more rounded than the originals but on a face your really couldn’t tell the difference. You also specify the color gradient of the lens when ordering which shows a fantastic attention to detail on the manufacturer. My only complaint with these beauties was how the cream pair hooked behind my ears. They didn’t lay completely flat with how they rested on my nose which was a little but uncomfortable, however the flexibility of the metal allowed me to adjust that easily.Prada 0 PR 09 QS Sunglasses KnockoffsOverall I was very happy with my purchase although I definitely prefer the black to the cream but then again I don’t particularly like lighter sunglasses on myself anyway so make your own choices. There are additional color ways available including a very lovely tortoiseshell that you can get in the original 0 PR 09 QS  as well. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out in the comments below. Get these sassy Prada knockoffs HERE, Happy Shopping and thanks for reading!

Cheers! -Rebecca
Prada 0 PR 09 QS Sunglasses Knockoffs