DSC_0032Every season we see trends trickle down from the Runway translated by mainstream brands and designers into the ‘real way’ so we all can partake in the new fashion of the moment. The time between a new trend emerging on the Fashion scene and it showing up at an affordable price in your local department store is usually about a year at minimum. Yet every so often a label redefines the fashion norm so completely that the entire industry immediately rushes to adopt their aesthetic. Such is the case with ‘new Gucci’ and fashionistas like myself can’t even wait for the trend to trickle down so we go straight for the true knockoffs.

DSC_0086It started with the Gucci fur lined loafers for me: the perfect grandpa chic item that completely redefines cool and thumbs it’s nose at less chic heels and sneakers. These house slipper wannabes are already being worn by fashionistas everywhere and of course mainstream labels like Jeffrey Campbell have already produced their own ‘version’ of these stunners proving that this is a trend just starting to gain steam and you should expect to see it hit its full stride in the coming year.DSC_0029 Another thing the new Gucci under Alessandro Michele has excelled at is bringing 90’s inspired brand iconography back into wearable fashion without the tacky vibe the 2000’s left us with. Sweaters banded with the Gucci red and green stripes contrast with spray painted double G logos on bombers. The result is clean fresh and a must have for the coming seasons. This Jessica Buurman sweater imitates the print and the banding of the original Gucci sweater without the boxier shape seen on the runway.DSC_0046The bigger the trend and the bigger the designer introducing the trend the faster mainstream fashion picks it up but if you can’t wait for that you can always go for more literal pieces from retailers like those listed below. You do however have to weight the value of the knockoff versus the actual item and make sure you aren’t wasting your money of course. The Gucci loafers for example were absolutely worth paying for the knockoff because the price of the original was almost $1,000 whereas the knockoff was a little over $100. An example where it might be worth saving up for the real deal would be the crossover mules also by Gucci, those fabulous gold cross cross heels you see everywhere. The originals are in the upper $500’s however the knockoffs are almost $200 so you have to ask yourself, maybe it’s worth setting saving up for the originals and then you would also have a collectors item for seasons to come? Or perhaps instead you would rather pay the ‘normal’ shoe price for the imitation and happily rotate them out of your closet in a few years when the trend dies. DSC_0082 It’s a matter of how you value the items in your closet whether you think a knockoff is worth it, every item is different. The point here is that you can get the look without paying for the designer price especially when the brand is as hot as Gucci is right now, you just need to know where to shop and that’s what I am here for.DSC_0072Which of today’s Gucci inspired items was your favorite? The sweater? The shoes? Or maybe the sunglasses? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading! -RebeccaDSC_0055DSC_0039DSC_0113


  • Gucci-Inspired Loafers Jessica Buurman Without fur HERE real version HERE
  • Gucci-Inspired Sweater (sold out) similar HERE
  • Aries Jeans HERE
  • Gucci Inspired Sunglasses HERE
  • Apple Watch (shown in Rose Gold with a Navy Band) HERE