Bootleg Gucci: What it is and Where to Find it -

First WHAT is Bootleg Gucci?

In the 1980’s there was a huge movement to knockoff major brands due their easily to replicate ‘logo’ frenzy. Knockoff products were available everywhere on the streets of NYC and Gucci was one of the most iconic brands to be knocked off. Fast forward to the ’90s and this ‘bootleged’ product became a symbol of pop culture, specifically embraced by the hip hop scene (read more HERE.) Eventually over saturated in the market the ‘bootleg Gucci’ craze died down until it’s revival in recent years by Gucci themselves.

Why does it matter so much NOW:

Alessandro Michele, current Gucci creative director was so in love with the Bootleg Gucci ethos that he decided to revive the ‘replicas’ and make Real Gucci tees and sweatshirts that were an homage to the 80’s knockoffs. You read that right, Gucci was knocking off it’s own knockoffs. While there is something decidedly apropo about his decision, to some the notion of buying a knockoff of an 80’s knockoff for $600-$1,000 seems a bit backwards leading them to want the ‘original knockoff’ that started this whole craze instead. Which brings us back to why Bootleg Gucci products have become SO popular.

On a personal note I read about Alessandro Michele’s references and felt that Alessandro would appreciate me finding new knockoffs of the current Gucci tees and would appreciate me wearing those instead of buying the real thing (my pocket book also supported the decision.) So now we have NEW bootleg Gucci as well that isn’t vintage but looks just like the 1980’s versions as well.

So TRUE Bootleg Gucci consists of vintage products from the 1980’s that aren’t genuine Gucci products. I found my most recent version at Officials Vintage (similar HERE)  which has storefronts in Seattle but also an Etsy shop. Etsy and Ebay are really your best bets here but expect to pay $100-$150 for these pieces as they are in high demand and every decreasing supply. Some of my favorites are below:

We also now have FAKE Bootleg Gucci, or just modern knockoffs that aren’t vintage at all. My favorite Tee shirt can be found HERE ( I have not purchased directly from this seller before just FYI.) There also is a new wave of ‘inspired’ pieces mixing Vetements style Champion inspiration with Gucci and those can also be found online, like this one HERE.

Bootleg Gucci: What it is and Where to Find it -

Whether you are buying vintage bootleg  or the modern version remember two things:

1) Alessandro isn’t going to judge you. In fact, by buying a bootleg version you are honoring his original intent with his designs so in this case fake is actually a good thing.

2) This is a HUGE trend which means it’s going to die someday so enjoy the hayday while it’s here before we move onto the next hottest trend.

Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section.

Cheers & Happy Gucci Wearing- Rebecca