How to Wear a Mini Dress Like a Grownup


Everyone loves a great brand collaboration so when Tobi, an online retailer I have worn for years reached out I was more than happy to accept. Tobi’s dresses had been my go to summer staples for several years so I…

Goodbye Transitional Weather, Hello Winter!


When you step outside in Seattle it certainly doesn’t take a thermometer to inform you that it is indeed almost freezing outside and if you couldn’t tell on the frost on the ground you absolutely need more layers. That is…

How to Layer Your Outfit in the Summer

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One of my LEAST favorite things about summer and consequently my MOST favorite thing about fall is how conducive they are to allowing layers of clothing to be worn. As someone who believes that outfits with different layered elements are…

Inspired By Devil Wears Prada

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I love traveling, as I am sure we all do, but one thing that really inspires me is seeing the different fashion trends in different cities. On my recent trip to Vancouver I loved comparing what I was expecting to…